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The Las Vegas and New York City 'Stoller: A Comprehensive Tutorial in Musculoskeletal Imaging', available at, is conducted four times a year in Las Vegas at the Wynn/Encore hotel and once a year in New York City . In these venues Dr. Stoller delivers 18 didactic lectures of the entire field of orthopaedic MR imaging of the joints. A checklist emphasis is used to enable participants to understand the proper approach to cases as well as interpretation pearls. A special focused lecture is added for each of the Las Vegas courses with emphasis on "Metal Suppression, 3D and Articular Cartilage" in January: "1.5-3.0 Tesla Protocol Conversions" and "Posterolateral Corner of the Knee" in March: "Hip and Labral Tears" in June: "FAI Including Triple Impingement and the FAACD Lesion" in October.

The Stoller Mini-Fellowship Workshop is a one day workshop course in which Dr. Stoller reviews entire DICOM MRI cases of all six appendicular joints on a workstation projected in front of a small group audience.

Current Issues of MRI in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine', under the website, is a program with expert faculty, including orthopaedics surgeons and radiologists giving a luminary perspective on orthopaedic imaging as well as on site cadaver arthroscopy dissections with MRI correlation with arthroscopy and dissection. The additional workshop associated with the Current Issues of MRI course is restricted to small groups of 65 registrants, each with their own work station going through 100 cases with Dr. Stoller.

The Stoller Checklist Workshop for Orthopaedic Imaging, is a weekend workshop course held only in Laguna Beach in December in which Dr.Stoller reviews over 100 complete cases in front of a small group audience. Special focused sessions on "State-of-the Art Clinical Articular Cartilage" and "FAI of the Hip".

The cases shown at these programs are all different from those on the Virtual Radiology Fellowship DVDs.



See what others are saying after attending the Stoller MSK Course:

"Should be a required course for anyone interpreting MSK MRI scans"

"Great even for an MSK trained radiologist. My knowledge was confirmed and greatly expanded"

"Fantastic - I'm a sports med (primary care) fellow and really learned a lot. Highly recommended!"

"Excellent course. Presentation of material was the best I've ever seen. Will recommend this course to all radiologists I work with"

"Best conference ever. Where to go for advanced tutoring"

"The course material was well organized and well presented. The speaker was very effective, concise and reinforced important points"

"Intense course, a lot covered but remained digestible and engaging - I feel I learned a great deal in a short time"

"Stoller best in the business"

"Best course for synthesis and simplifying"

"Dr. Stoller is an excellent teacher and encyclopedic source of MSK MRI knowledge"

"It was uniformly outstanding!"


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